3 Fun Activities To Indulge In When On An Alaskan Tour

When we talk about must visit places, Alaska has to be mentioned. Some may argue that it is so far away and the weather conditions aren’t always favorable, but it’s exoticness and picturesque landscapes make up for everything. Majestic mountains reaching for the clear sky, rare wildlife, including polar bears of course, and the serenity of the Last Frontier State, are just a few compelling reasons why every travel enthusiast must plan a trip to the state. Whenever you are ready for an Alaskan vacation, do make it a point to keep Kaktovik on the list. The small town gives you a glimpse of an authentic arctic experience. Wondering if it is too soon to be booking Kaktovik custom tours for 2021? NOT AT ALL!

For the ultimate Alaskan holiday, you should include visiting some of the state’s iconic attractions but there’s so much more. If you need some guidance in planning a thrilling escapade across the region, here are some exciting activities that you should definitely consider:

Watching the Northern Lights

A lot of travelers plan trips to Alaska in such a way that they get to witness the breathtaking aurora borealis, popularly referred to as Northern Lights. Although the city of Fairbanks is considered to be best suited for aurora sighting because of its atmospheric conditions and geography, the phenomenon may also be viewed from around Anchorage and even Sitka on rare occasions. We do recommend checking the weather and solar forecasts before you venture out to experience this grandeur.

Ridingon a dog sled

When in Alaska, dog sledging is a must. What is more adventurous than flying over the snow on a sleigh pulled by sled dogs? If you visit during winters, you get the opportunity to ride the traditional sled. During spring and summers, the traditional sled is replaced by sled with wheels or an all-terrain vehicle.

Watching sea life

It isn’t uncommon to catch glimpses of a polar bear walking down the road in Kaktovik but let’s not forget there is a vast ocean out there! The prodigious coasts of Alaska are a must visit during summertime as they are bursting with life. Did you know the state is home to eight species of whale?

Irrespective of what the Kaktovik weather is, it is always a good time to plan a visit to this charming Alaskan town. For an authentic arctic adventure, contact Kaktovik Arctic Tours. We’re open for booking Kaktovik custom tours for 2021.



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