3 Reasons Why Spring Is Perfect for Planning a Kaktovik Tour

When it comes to visiting any part of Alaska, including Kaktovik, a majority of the people assume that summer is the best time to do so because of the warm weather and the plethora of sightseeing opportunities that come with it. And then there are some who prefer the freezing winter months because it is when you get to see the elusive northern lights. Amidst all of it, the shoulder seasons get ignored, more specifically spring. Ask any native Alaskan, and they will tell you that spring is a great time to visit the last frontier of America.

So, if you are planning a trip to Kaktovik, Alaska, here are three reasons why you should do it in spring:

The weather is gorgeous
If you want to experience a milder version of an Alaskan winter, spring is the right time. As the temperature continues to rise, the snow slowly starts to melt, but you will still be able to get up close and personal with glaciers, snow drifts and ice bergs, which may not be quite possible in summer. And the amazing temperatures during these months is perfect for indulging in some outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

You will not encounter throngs of tourists
One of the perks of traveling during shoulder season is fewer crowds. So, if you want to visit Kaktovik or any other destination in Alaska without wanting to run into throngs of tourists, springtime is just the right time for you to plan your trip.

Springtime is perfect for animal watching
If your reason for visiting Kaktovik is to witness its rich and abundant wildlife scene, spring is undoubtedly the perfect season to do so. It is the time when a lot of animals start coming out of hibernation after the cold, harsh winter. You will be able to se1e tiny bear cubs, moose, caribou, migratory birds and more.

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