4 Reasons Why Alaska Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Packed with majestic mountains, glaciers, lofty icebergs, stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and unique native cultures and traditions, Alaska truly offers one of the richest travel experiences you can imagine. The largest state in the US, it is an unspoiled stretch of land that is home to some of the remotest uninhabited regions in the world. Here, nature continues as it has for hundreds of years, with negligible human interference. Unfortunately, not a lot of people think of the Last Frontier State as a possible vacation destination, which is why very few tourists venture out here, but that is a part of what makes this place so perfect. Here are a few other reasons why Alaska is worth visiting:

Natural beauty
We have all stared longingly at our desktop backgrounds of gorgeous sceneries of flowering meadows flanked by mountains reaching out to the heavens. Well, in Alaska, you can witness that with your own eyes. Alaska boasts of natural beauty that is like no other place on earth. Snow-clad mountains, valleys, fjords, tundra, lush green forests, pristine glaciers – you name it, and you will find it here.

With an abundance of lakes and rivers dotting the state, Alaska is every fishing enthusiast’s mecca. You will rarely find so many water bodies teeming with various types of fishes as you will here. Kaktovik Arctic Tours offers fishing tours that will provide you with enough fishing stories to amuse your friends back home forever.

Nothing beats the sheer thrill and excitement of watching a polar bear hunting for food out on a vast glacier. If you want to witness wild animals like whales, bears and polar bears in their natural habitat, places like Kaktovik are where you need to be at. Get in touch with Kaktovik Arctic Tours to enjoy the best Kaktovik polar bear tours.

Native history and culture
One of the biggest reasons why you must visit Alaska is to explore the rich cultures and traditions of the many native communities that live here. Learn about languages that are not spoken anywhere else in the country and immerse you in the history of the region with customs that date back thousands of years.

Experience Alaska in all its natural beauty and native glory with Kaktovik Arctic Tours. We offer unique, custom tours that are designed to provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about the state and its environment, culture, and languages. Get in touch with us to learn more.