Interesting Facts About Inupiat Culture You Probably Didn’t Know

The Inupiat are a group of Alaska Natives that have been living in the region for thousands of years. Inupiaq is the singular term, which translates to “real person.” To survive the cold and harsh Arctic climate, the Inupiat evolved their own understanding of nature, especially the natural resources of the area and how to get the most out of them for survival. The communities, which usually have a population of a few hundreds, also developed a culture of mutual support and sharing. They share and trade with their neighbors, and hunt, most commonly seals, bowhead whales and caribou. Their subsistence hunting of the bowhead whale, which is a centuries-old unique practice, sets them apart from other Indigenous peoples.Read More

Why Go Camping With A Local Inupiat Guide In Kaktovik

If thrill and jolts of adrenaline are what you live for, then Kaktovik beckons you in the summer of 2021! Offering an out of the world adventure in the far north, you will return with unmatchable memories that no touristy spot can give you...Read More

4 Interesting Facts About The Aurora You Should Know About

Witnessing the northern lights or aurora borealis is on most people’s bucket list. And rightfully so! The dramatic curtains of colorful light that appear in the night sky of the northern hemisphere is a sight to behold. Touring the Last Frontier State is an experience in itself. Summer tours of Kaktovik, Alaska are full of adventure and unforgettable memories. Getting to see the northern lights is like the cherry on top! But how much do you know about this magnificent spectacle? Here are four interesting facts about it that will motivate you to plan an Alaskan trip soon..Read More

3 Fun Activities To Indulge In When On An Alaskan Tour

When we talk about must visit places, Alaska has to be mentioned. Some may argue that it is so far away and the weather conditions aren’t always favorable, but it’s exoticness and picturesque landscapes make up for everything. Majestic mountains reaching for the clear sky, rare wildlife, including polar bears of course, and the serenity of the Last Frontier State.Read More

4 Packing Must-Haves For Visiting Kaktovik In The Winter

With the vast expanse of white snow as far as your eyes can see, and a cold, brisk air grazing your face, there is something truly magical about visiting Kaktovik, Alaska during winter. While the below freezing temperatures might scare some people away from traveling here during the colder months, it is actually the perfect time to do so if you want to experience the surreal beauty of this frozen wonderland. But you need to be prepared with the right essentials to keep yourself warm..Read More

Kaktovik Tours: 4 Important Polar Bear Watching Tips

If you plan on visiting Alaska after the pandemic, then brace yourself for a surreal polar bear viewing experience! The majestic animal continues to amaze the world with its sheer strength, its ability to survive in astonishingly difficult conditions, and of course, its cuteness!.Read More

3 Reasons Why Spring Is Perfect for Planning a Kaktovik Tour

When it comes to visiting any part of Alaska, including Kaktovik, a majority of the people assume that summer is the best time to do so because of the warm weather and the plethora of sightseeing opportunities that come with it. And then there are some who prefer the freezing winter months because it is when you get to see the elusive northern lights. Amidst all of it, the shoulder seasons get ignored, more specifically spring. Ask any native Alaskan, and they will tell you that spring is a great time to visit the last frontier of America.Read More

Packing List for Your Arctic Adventure: How to be prepared Weather-Wise

Kaktovik in Alaska is one of the most untouched, beautiful stretches of wilderness every adventurous traveler wishes to explore. The chance to witness incredible mountain vistas, diverse wildlife, and stunning flora is something an intrepid explorer wouldn’t miss. Along with breathtaking views, this exciting land is also home to biting winds and extreme weather conditions.Read More

Why You Need To Visit Alaska In Fall!

Fall is the best time to experience the wonders of Alaska because it’s not too cold, and it provides the ideal conditions to view polar bears in their natural habitat! However, it continues to be more of a summer getaway for people across the United States. Autumnal Alaska is a magnificent sight to behold and if you haven’t taken a sneak-peek of the snowy wilderness during this time, you’re definitely missing out because it presents a host of new activities for adventure seekers! Read More

Camping in Alaska: 3 Helpful Tips for a Memorable Experience

If you want to experience the grandeur of magnificent and scenic landscapes of Alaska, there is no better way to do it than taking a camping trip to the Last Frontier State. For nature lovers, it is like a dreamland; think beautiful meadows, majestic mountains reaching for the heavens, white as snow polar bears traversing vast glaciers, and more. The Alaskan city of Kaktovik, less than 100 miles from the Canadian border, is a pristine land to be explored. Awaiting the traveller in you, the best environment tours of Kaktovik will undeniably make you fall in love with great Alaska!Read More

Why You Need To Go On A Polar Bear Tour In Kaktovik

With its mountains, forests and windswept Tundra, Alaska is truly a gargantuan preserve of natural beauty and rich biodiversity. In fact, it is one of the few places on earth that is home to the true wilderness with minimal human disruption. It is also home to a relatively thriving polar bear population, a species that is otherwise deemed vulnerable due to a loss of their sea habitat as a result of climate change. Polar bears are some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet, and a trip to Alaska, more specifically Kaktovik, offers you the perfect opportunity to witness them in the wild.....Read More

Backpack Essentials: 3 Things You Need For Your Kaktovik Summer Tour

If you are planning a summer escape, Kaktovik is the perfect place to go. Surrounded by giant mountains touching the sky and immaculate forests protecting Alaskan wildlife, you feel closer to nature and away from your city life.Alaska is a destination where travel itineraries are influenced by nature, and not by the major attractions.Read More

5 Tips For Travellers Visiting Kaktovik

Few cities have it in them to take your breath away as the icy, remote land of Kaktovik in Alaska. One of the remotest regions of the world, its tundra, thriving biodiversity, and culture make it a unique, enthralling place which is slowly making its way into must-visit lists of travel enthusiasts and thrill-seekers....Read More

Reasons Why Alaska Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Packed with majestic mountains, glaciers, lofty icebergs, stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and unique native cultures and traditions, Alaska truly offers one of the richest travel experiences you can imagine. The largest state in the US, it is an unspoiled stretch of land that is home to some of the remotest uninhabited regions in the world...Read More

What Arctic Animals Do Your Wish To See?

Do you imagine only ice and ocean whenever the word ‘Arctic’ pops up? If you do, you’re not alone.Though the winter temperature of Arctic falls below -40°C and none of the species of trees survives the harsh, cold winds, the region is full of remarkable animals and birds...Read More