Spring Tours Begins the last Week in April 2020

Summer Tours July 2020 - October 2020


Half Day 4 hours tours  $400

Full Day 8 hour tours     $600

1-7 Day trips
Please contact us for additional information.

Multi-Day Trip

In the Summer , Bruce takes a boat trip with the other residents of Kaktovik to Canada, using his open boat only in good weather and camping on shore every night with the other Inupiat. The villagers will stop at various historic whaling and fishing camps en route as well as at old buildings such as sod houses.

Bruce is willing to take visitors along with him on what would surely be a trip of a lifetime. The group of boats will travel to Herschel island; a site of great cultural importance to the Inupiat and Inuit, and a Canadian National Park located in Yukon Territory. At Shingle point the traditional summer games are held, which you will be able to watch (and possibly take part in). The games happen around the end of July.

There will only be space for a few people on this trip - it is likely that Bruce will allow two or three maximum due to space restrictions on the boat. Please contact him as soon as you can if you are interested in taking this unique and exciting trip.


Bruce is experienced at setting camp and surviving in the wilderness; skills which he is happy to impart to you. He can take you out into the tundra and set up camp with a cook tent and windbreakers. This will give you the opportunity to explore 120 miles of coastal lagoons and to take part in subsistence hunting.

Bruce can teach you how to study the weather and make the right decisions about when to break camp and when to move camp. He can teach you to start a fire, build a shelter with driftwood from the beach and put up canvas wall tents.

Hunter-gathering plays an important part in a subsistence lifestyle and Bruce can gather food from the land - both from vegetation and from animals in order to create traditional Inupiat meals for his visitors.