Packing List for Your Arctic Adventure: How to be prepared Weather-Wise

Kaktovik in Alaska is one of the most untouched, beautiful stretches of wilderness every adventurous traveler wishes to explore. The chance to witness incredible mountain vistas, diverse wildlife, and stunning flora is something an intrepid explorer wouldn’t miss. Along with breathtaking views, this exciting land is also home to biting winds and extreme weather conditions. Unless you have experienced such frosty climates, a trip to the frigid Arctic will surely present a challenge, wardrobe wise; you may even have to purchase new gear! So, before browsing for the best tour company in Kaktovik, read our comprehensive packing guide to be fully prepared for your polar adventure.

Layering up is essential

To beat the cold while traversing the pristine landscapes of this Arctic beauty you must remain layered up, especially when you are on the move. Pack ample number of sweaters and jumpers that can be worn comfortably beneath the heavier coats and jackets. Whether you are out watching majestic polar bears or fishing, you must always be in layers to keep the chill from setting in. Wear gloves that are waterproof to ensure your hands remain dry and warm. We suggest wearing a thinner pair underneath, you may need to remove your waterproof gloves to adjust camera settings to click pictures. Trust us, on the best environment tour to Kaktovik you would want to capture so many things on your reel.

Be ready for expeditions

Arctic land excursions call for being ready to face weather turns. Wearing a thermal layer covering both the upper and lower body beneath your sweater and jacket is a good idea. Pack a good pair of boots that can withstand water and snow. Some tour companies provide rubber boots for expeditions but it is best to be prepared. Pack thick, warm socks to go with the boots. Waterproof clothing is essential when visiting the Arctic because you must remain dry at all times. So, double-check if you have packed these essentials before leaving for the trip.

Mesmerizing scenery and unique wildlife are two major drawcards for Kaktovik. Do get in touch with us if you are looking for the best tour company in Kaktovik. Kaktovik Arctic Tours will help you make the most of your polar adventure.