Why Go Camping With A Local Inupiat Guide In Kaktovik

If thrill and jolts of adrenaline are what you live for, then Kaktovik beckons you in the summer of 2021! Offering an out of the world adventure in the far north, you will return with unmatchable memories that no touristy spot can give you.

Camping In Kaktovik

If what you are seeking is an offbeat adventure, setting up camp with the help of a tours company in Kaktovik is a great way to start off. You are bang in the middle of all the action instead of just getting a slice of the city you’re visiting. It will also offer you just the right challenges that you seek to satiate your wanderlust as well as your thirst to experience something new.

However, it is important to remember that camping without an expert can be very dangerous, especially in the harsh weather conditions of Alaska. Not to forget the wild animals and the polar bears it harbors! A local Inupiat guide such as Bruce Inglangasak of Kaktovik Arctic Tours can help you to experience the best of Kaktovik while ensuring that you remain safe and sound.

When you camp in the best tour environments of Kaktovik, you have the opportunity to witness the dance of nature in its raw, untainted form. Along with this, guides make sure that you have the proper Kaktovik experience - from learning how to study the weather and survive in the wild, to sharing crucial camping tips, cooking, exploring miles and miles of coastal lagoons, and also accompanying locals on a hunt. Hunting and gathering food still plays an important role in the Inupiat community, one of the few in the world to still follow the subsistence lifestyle. By participating in such a hunt, you get to witness a way of life that’s as old as time itself. And did we mention that you may also be invited to try out a traditional Inupiat meal at the end of the hunt? That’s like icing on the cake!

No trip is complete without getting a taste of the local culture. With a population of less than 300 natives who still follow traditional subsistence practices and traditions, Kaktovik is definitely set apart from the rest. The locals have a deeply personal relationship with nature and a lot can be learned from the way they lead their lives. In addition to this, you also get exposed to the Inupiat language which is spoken by less than 10,000 people in the world. If you choose a local guide, they will be happy to teach you the basics!

Looking for a tours company in Kaktovik that offers these services and more? Look no further than Kaktovik Arctic Tours! We are now open for reservations for 2021 so book your seats now for an experience of a lifetime.



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