Backpack Essentials: 3 Things You Need For Your Kaktovik Summer Tour

If you are planning a summer escape, Kaktovik is the perfect place to go. Surrounded by giant mountains touching the sky and immaculate forests protecting Alaskan wildlife, you feel closer to nature and away from your city life.

Alaska is a destination where travel itineraries are influenced by nature, and not by the major attractions. The last thing you want to do is wander into the Alaskan wilderness unprepared. In this post, we have mentioned a few essentials to pack when planning a summer tour to Kaktovik, Alaska.

Hiking Boots
Running shoes are maybe your old companions, but they are not right for rough Alaskan terrains. One moment you will be on an established trail and the next you will encounter creek crossings. While enjoying the warmth of the Sun, you could be walking on trails covered in snow and ice. An experienced backpacker will suggest you pack waterproof, ankle-length boots with plenty of support to walk comfortably on different terrains.

Bear Spray
Bear attacks are rare, and when you stay with your group, the chances are even less. However, there is no harm in staying prepared to deal with such a life-threatening situation. If you come across a scary bear, simply spray in its direction and the offender will certainly run back into the woods. While using it, make sure you do not spay upwind and wash your hand thoroughly before touching your face.

First Aid Kit
Alaska’s weather is unreliable. It changes before you even know it. No matter whether you are with a group of visitors or alone, it’s a good decision to take precautionary measures. Always keep a first-aid kit and a spare blanket in your backpack. If you sprain your ankle during a hike or fall in an icy river, you will at least have emergency supplies with you.

These essentials will ensure your safety during your summer tour in Kaktovik, Alaska. To enjoy unique fishing camps, and learn survival skills from locals, connect with Kaktovik Arctic Tours at once.