Camping in Alaska: 3 Helpful Tips for a Memorable Experience

If you want to experience the grandeur of magnificent and scenic landscapes of Alaska, there is no better way to do it than taking a camping trip to the Last Frontier State. For nature lovers, it is like a dreamland; think beautiful meadows, majestic mountains reaching for the heavens, white as snow polar bears traversing vast glaciers, and more. The Alaskan city of Kaktovik, less than 100 miles from the Canadian border, is a pristine land to be explored. Awaiting the traveller in you, the best environment tours of Kaktovik will undeniably make you fall in love with great Alaska!

While camping in the state surely makes for a memorable experience but if you are visiting the land of pristine glaciers and fjords for the first time, you should be prepared to face any challenges that you may face while spending time in the beautiful wilderness. You should also be properly equipped with appropriate knowledge to ensure a comfortable and safe camping trip.

Be wise in your campground choice
You don’t necessarily have to set camp in a federally-run campground, but if it is your first camping trip in Alaska, you may want to go with one, as it is usually the safest option. While exploring the wilderness to set up your own camping tent may seem like an exciting prospect to adrenaline junkies, your best chance of surviving in case things go haywire is being near civilization.

Be prepared weather-wise
The snow-covered mountain peaks and frozen lakes definitely look breathtaking but falling into icy cold waters is not fun at all. The unpredictability of weather makes it even more crucial to be prepared with warm, waterproof clothing. Fishing adventures would also require waterproof clothes. Put in a bathing suit in case you find a hot spring.

Steer clear of the bears
Polar bears are magnificent but it is best to admire them from afar. They aren’t akin to your friendly pooch and you must know how to keep a safe distance. Avoid camping alone and store your food in bear-proof containers. Leaving behind food scraps and garbage isn’t a good idea; always burn the leftovers in the fire. Noise keeps the bears away so sing, clap, talk while you hike.

What to take away
Ensure you are safe and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of an Alaskan camping trip. If you are keen to appreciate the tranquility of nature up close, plan a trip to the enchanted land of the Last Frontier State. At Kaktovik Arctic Tours, we will be more than happy to organize the best environment tours in Kaktovik.